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Australia is a country of extremes. From fires and floods to droughts, our primary producers are often hit the hardest when these disasters hit. In the latter half of 2018 the whole of NSW was declared in drought, one of the most significant in Australia’s history.

Australian farmers produce almost 93% of Australian daily domestic food supply. Agricultural supports the jobs of 1.6million Australians in farming and related industries, accounting for 17.2% of the national workforce.

Hundreds of Aussie working dogs were victims of the crisis, with desperate drought affected farmers simply being unable to afford feeding another mouth. Surrenders of working dogs to rescue shelters surged, despite the pain of losing both a hard worker on the farm and an important member of the family.


When Mars Petcare saw farmers and their furry farm hands in need, they knew they had to reach out and do what they could to support Australia’s primary producers.

First, a shift spend their weekend off on a road trip to deliver 10,000 meals to working dogs throughout rural Victoria and New South Wales. Then, one Sunday office and factory workers came together to spend a combined 400 hours making $500,000 worth of dog food to be distributed by Rural Aid and Foodbank to our farmers.

  • Mars Petcare employees volunteered an impressive 400 hours of factory labour for the manufacturer of dog food.
  • In October 2018 $1 million worth of pet food was donated to drought-affected farmers across Australia
  • Generous volunteer efforts of logistic and distribution partners companies delivered the petfood into the hands of farmers

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